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Sophie Clifford

Public Access Barrister

I am a specialist employment lawyer with over 20 years’ legal experience. I’ve seen it from the employer’s side and the employee’s side. I've advised start ups, SMEs, big corporates, the UK Government and even the UN. 


I am a founding member of The Legal Pod - an alliance of highly skilled tech sector lawyers. 


Because the law is not always the right answer, I’m also a really keen mediator and conflict resolution expert. Check out the Resolution Pod

Contact me on 01273 915 018 or

ps If it's only me, why did I say "who we are"? I rely on a network of other lawyers or paralegals to help me either with different specialisms or as overflow. But one of the advantages to appointing me is I will always be the person you speak to on employment issues. 

Temple Employment Law Limited is an entity authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board through which I provide my expertise on a public access basis (i.e. clients can use my services as a barrister directly, without needing to go through a solicitor). Guidance on the Public Access scheme is available here