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Call us, talk to us about the issues. That first call will always be free. 


We will work with you as closely as you would like us to, and as flexibly. Facetime, Zoom, google docs, skype, whatever works for you. 


Short freestanding calls are free. We don’t bill every minute of our time.

We will give you the legal advice and work with you on the pragmatic way forward. We focus on sorting the problems out without ever going near the courts and use our years of experience to do that in the best possible way.


And it goes without saying you are in safe hands - we are an entity regulated by the Bar Standards Board.


If it has not proved possible to sort the problem out without litigating  the issues before courts or Tribunals, because we are not authorised to conduct litigation the way solicitors' firms are (we cannot issue proceedings, file documents at court and serve documents on other parties or hold client monies) we will refer clients to solicitors' firms or entities authorised to conduct litigation who we work closely with (or you can choose a different firm of course). 

Temple Employment Law Limited (Company Number 09139110 registered office 21 Temple Street Brighton BN1 3BH) is an entity authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board to provide the services of barristers. It provides services directly to the public (this is called the Public Access Scheme or sometimes Direct Access). Guidance from the Bar Standards Board on how the Public Access Scheme works is available here