some testimonials from employees

Sometimes even the best of employers will shock you in what they are prepared to do once they have decided you are no longer of value to them. Sophie's assistance was invaluable in reminding my employers that they too have obligations and in reminding me that I have rights. Sophie helped me reach a quick and favourable end to a difficult experience. Her attention to detail was a lesson to my employers and asset to me. Terence B

Sophie was very easy to work with and brought clarity and confidence to a difficult situation. She manages to walk that difficult line between legalese and clear English with the greatest of ease and no small measure of grace, ensuring that you are confident both of her attention to detail, and her focus on the best outcome for you.

Howard F

Sophie is a very direct, clear and thoughtful lawyer who has always been a great support during employment matters. She is very experienced from both sides of agreements and can share amazing insights. While it is often tempting to try to resolve employment matters one your own, I have always found that Sophie spots important points and helps focus the negotiations on matters that are important. She works quickly and does not waste anyone's time. A great professional to have in your corner!

Jonathan Himoff

Sophie was brilliant. In my dispute with my employer, in what was a highly stressful, complicated and multifaceted situation, she provided calm clear and consistent advice. Without all her support and help I doubt whether I would have stayed the course and won.

Richard Pemberton

I used Sophie's services earlier this year and could not recommend her highly enough. Her meticulous approach, detailed knowledge and sensitivity around the issue, secured me an outcome which far exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to use Sophie's services again.

Craig Rickman

Dealing with complex settlements where a "failure of duty of care" has taken place, due to ignored "Reasonable Adjustments" Equality Act 2010, was tackled in a common sense and caring way. Sophie does not push her clients into litigation, instead explores what is best for the bigger picture, and for the individual concerned. I highly recommend Sophie for this reason.

Karen Braysher